What can you find in RondCat?

The RondCat only includes oral versions of tales collected at first hand. As such, authors’ versions are included which have been made from oral testimonies collected by the authors themselves -such as those by Verdaguer, Enric Valor or Pep Coll-, whilst we have excluded adaptations and recreations of tales destined for children which are based on second hand sources (oral or written) or whose source is not indicated.

Also included are the translations of those tales which have been collected in the Catalan speaking territories but which have not been published in Catalan. For example, the tales collected by Milà (1853) were published in Spanish and those collected by Karlinger (1961, 1967 and 1989) were published in German. At present, RondCat only includes versions published in monographic collections in all of their editions, provided that they are complete: anthological editions have been excluded.

List of collections analyzed