As the people responsible for RondCat, we have tried to locate and analyze all the collections that we are aware of. However, it is more than possible that some may have escaped our attention. We would grateful for information about any collection which we have not included in the list given at the end of the section which tales can be found in rondcat? so that we can examine them. If they have not been published commercially, it would make our task a lot easier if we were sent two copies (one for the Arxiu de Folklore Folklore Archive and another for the Biblioteca de la Facultat de Lletres (Faulty of Arts Library) at the URV). If this is not possible, a complete photocopy of the publications in question is sufficient.

We have also tried to avoid making any mistakes but, as in any work done by people, errors are sure to be found. If there are any, we would also find your collaboration very useful in correcting them.

Finally, we would be very happy if you found RondCat attractive and easy to use and we will consider any suggestions and preferences we receive regarding improving the search engine.

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